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Caring for Your Teeth

At least once a year, your teeth should have cleaning and scaling, with gum tissue treatment and oral health carefully monitored. As we get older, the bone tends to shrink and this could result in periodontal bone grafting or gum grafting being required. If you have concerns, help is at hand, and good health starts with good oral health, so call for an appointment in Kelowna BC.

What is Periodontics?

Periodontics is a specialty dental practice that manages periodontal diseases and conditions, they particularly specialize in cosmetic, reconstruction, and dental implant surgery. So if you have any form of periodontal disease now is the time to seek treatment for specialized dentistry, they also do lengthening to remove excess gum tissue, to make the upper teeth look longer.

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For older people who grew up before fluoride. it is common for the teeth to weaken and sometimes break, this is where crowns can help you retain your teeth for life. A crown is a type of dental restoration that caps the tooth and is bonded to it using dental cement. If you have been having pain in the tooth you may need root canal therapy before you have the tooth capped. An assessment by the experienced Periodontist will show whether this is necessary or not as Kelowna Oral Surgery experts can determine your needs during the consultation process.

Ridge Augmentation

This is a type of bone graft surgery sometimes performed in the wake of tooth extraction. Once the socket heals sometimes the bone

shrinks away and is not supportive, and a bony ridge graft can be needed to maintain the structural integrity of the jaw. Your Oral Surgeon will advise you on this at the time of your visit.

Gum Grafting

There are three types of gum graft surgery, and they depend on your needs as assessed by the expert Dentist Kelowna BC.

  • A connective tissue graft is the most common graft.
  • Free Gingival Graft for the patient with thinner gums.
  • Pedicle graft

For six weeks following surgery, you will only be able to eat soft cool foods. Any vegetable should be cooked to mush to prevent damage to your graft. This gives the area time to heal properly. The Oral Surgeon will give you a fact sheet so that you will know what to do when you go home and how to care for your oral health during healing.

Teeth Scaling and Tooth Care

Most of us know that some foods are likely to cause more damage to our teeth than others. We all have bacteria present in the mouth, and if we dont clean our teeth immediately after eating the bacteria form a sticky plaque. If the plaque is not removed by cleaning, it hardens and the dentist has to brush it off ( in the cleaning and scaling process). Otherwise, it can erode the tooth enamel causing dental decay.

Unfortunately the stickier the food, the more damage it can cause. If you are a person who drinks a lot of sugary drinks and crunches on candy

it is a good idea to go for a clean scale every six months to safeguard your teeth. When you clean your teeth it is also important to floss them as this removes any trapped particles that will decay if left there.

There was a time when most older people had false teeth, and they took them out at night and put them in a glass. That is a horrible thought to younger people and it doesnt happen anymore because we all care for our teeth a lot better and the fluoride in most water supplies is protective to tooth enamel.

Oral Surgeon, Dental Implants

Your dentist at Kelowna BC will assess you for dental implants and the procedure is not painful. Most patients only require a local anesthetic to complete the procedure. If you were having 4 or 6 done at the same time you may require IV sedation administered by an anesthetist, so ask your oral Surgeon about this procedure. Following the procedure, you will be given pain medication and antibiotics and told to go home and rest.

A few days later you will be reassessed and should be able to return to work. There will be some soreness to the area for a while.

If you are assessed suitable for implants they are excellent, as it saves losing a tooth or having an old tooth crowned.

Dentist Kelowna BC

If you are new to the area, call and make an appointment to see the Dentist, as the first thing we must do after a move is find a doctor and a dentist two professionals that we cant be without. If you are planning a wedding, cosmetic surgery takes many forms and will enhance your smile.

With some careful work from your Oral Surgeon, your teeth will look perfect and the photos of the wedding will be much better than hoped.

Ask your dental specialist if he does teeth whitening, as this is another cosmetic dental procedure that many people have regularly.

Tooth whitening removes the stains and brightens the look of the teeth, and needs to be carried out by the dental hygienist or another professional in the dental clinic. Things like coffee and red wine and some foods stain our teeth. Smoking is terrible for the teeth and should be avoided as it can lead to permanent damage to the teeth.


Once you make your appointment to see the Kelowna Periodontist you will be in the best of care, knowing your teeth are taken care of.

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